“I have always loved making pretty things”

What a journey it has been, before I got here. Let me give you the short version. Maternity leave, baby Number Four. The Itch to do

something creative, but lucrative. Idea sparked. Hard work. So much hard work. Until I had to give up. I failed.

My very first online store failed and perhaps I will tell you that story another day. But that process taught me so, so much, from

design skills, software to use, website planning, product development, to connecting with clients and perseverance.

It is an exhausting process. Too many decisions to make. Sometimes risks. I often got to cross roads where I had to decide, do I

pull the plug now, or commit to the next set of tasks.

The fact that you are reading this, means that I pushed through.

I have an amazing husband. He supports me in this process, not only as my best friend, but he is also my entire tech department.

Anything that works with internet, seems to suddenly stop working when I touch it, and then my Ryan will come and fix it for me.

We will have been married for ten years in 2020. Wow. T-E-N. We have four children, and it is often complete chaos. But we make a

good team, picking up the slack when the other half feels weary.

I enjoy staying fit, running being my exercise of choice. But I am not even slightly competitive, so nothing drives me to be better

at it. My favourite runs are those with a good podcast (ask me for my go to podcast list, if you like) and a pram with one of the


You should know that my Prayer Tools did not come from a heart over joyed at the thought of personal one on one time with God. It

came from a place of weakness, possibly laziness, and poor time management. Days would go by where the only place I prayed or

heard someone else pray was in church, and at weekly gatherings like bible studies.

So I am not here to give you my TOP TEN tips on how to pray better. This is not a “pray your troubles away” plan. But, I would feel

completely honoured if you would take this step to commit to a more organised, intentional, fruitful time of prayer during the

year of 2021, with me. Submitting in obedience to the God that created us, gave us His Word, and commanded us to pray.

I picked up a phrase along the way:

Prioritise. Then proceed.

I would love to hear from you. What battles or victories have you experienced, with regard to your prayer life?

Send me a mail, and connect. For real.

Much love


Don’t wait till the new year to start praying. I made a free sample, so that you can start today.

Your sample will have the same sections as the Yearly Prayer Edit you can buy in my store.

It will however, not have all the additional features like a hard cover, pockets for notes, a resource list of God’s promises, and more.