Intentional, fruitful, consistent prayer is within reach.

Use our Prayer Edit this coming year,

and avoid that insecure feeling of not knowing where to start.

Look Forward to your time of prayer again

by doing a monthly prep session, that will help you

pray intentionally throughout the weeks.



Why Pray

God said: “The LORD is near to all who call upon Him, To all who call upon Him in truth.”

He gave us life, and he knew we need a constant connection and reminder of who He is, and what His promises are.

Why write it down?


There is something that happens between your mind, hand, and paper, when they get connected with a pen or a pencil. You focus and organize your thoughts.

Having that intentional time to plan for the days where prayer doesn’t come naturally, will help you connect with God in a mighty way. 

Right now?


This project, you should know, did not come from a pro pray-er, that had her ducks in a row. It came from a place of weakness, uncertainty, slothfulness and mismanagement of priorities. I know I am not the only one feeling like this. The thing is, if we don’t change something, nothing is going to change. Start somewhere… today.



Here is a free sample. Peek inside, and commit to one month of fruitful prayer.

About the maker

Nadia always has a few projects up her sleeve. She is happiest when she is making pretty things.

She is married to Ryan, a physiotherapist, mountain biker, and devoted daddy. They enjoy their garden and coffee, and they love each other, more everyday.

They have four little children that they are raising fully bilingual (Afrikaans and English)

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